01: Solid Signal Wifi Smart Plug, 2 Outlets, 2 USB Ports, Night Light, 15 A Tamper Resistant, Compatible with Alexa,

61xfFXUq+KL._SL1500_ This 15 A Dual AC Outlets; 2.4 A Max Dual USB Outlets; Auto Night Light; Master On/Off Switch; Decora.  Design. separately Control Power To USB Ports And/Or AC Outlets; Create Countdown Timers; Create Schedules.Finally, the perfect all-in-one outlet solution to turn your home or office into a smart one! This WiFi smart outlet lets you control lights and appliances while at home or away. Turn them on and off manually using the power button on the face of the outlet, the Smart Life app, or through schedules and timers. This smart home device really puts your mind at ease!his smart wall outlet really checks all of the boxes. It features two AC ports, two USB ports, WiFi control for managing appliances remotely, and a built-in nightlight that automatically illuminates as soon as the wall plate sensor detects low-light condition.Easy to install and works great with my Alexa setup. I would love it if the 2 outlets on the same plug could be controlled separately, but overall I am extremely satisfied.


02: Sensibo Sky (International) – Air Conditioner Controller, Wi-Fi, Compatible with iOS and Android

This is WiFi control, Saves Energy, Smart Thermostat for remote controlled air conditioners, 7-day scheduling, geofencing, location based, smart home, for split air conditioners, for window air conditioners, DIY, Open API, Control from anywhere, i O S app, Android App, IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Remote control. It worked, but without the range from the IR blaster and some of the features my particular AC not working 100%, I was resigned to thinking I had picked the wrong product. And to my pleasant surprise, the Sensibo was a great choice! I had a little difficulty during setup trying to configure the device to connect to my home WIFI, but I jumped on Sensibo’s website and followed their troubleshooting guide, which did the trick. Once configured, the Sensibo worked perfectly with my system. While it’s no Nest, it still does a great job allowing me to remotely interface with my workshop’s mini split. The iOS app is easy to use and not buggy like the Puck’s app.This is love app.

03:Currant Smart Outlet 2-Pack – 2 Dual Smart Plugs to Control 4 Devices

This Place two smart plugs side-by-side with Currant’s unique design and flippable plate that keep cords organized and out of the way and won’t block other outlets.Currant’s real-time energy meter shows you exactly how much energy your devices use, and the Currant App (for iOS and Android) features interactive charts that display your energy usage and cost by hour, day, month, or year.Create customized rules to control your smart home and turn devices on and off according to your schedule.Control your lights, electronics, or appliances with your phone or your voice (works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home). Set schedules to automate your home, or simply plug in, connect the app, and let Currant analyze your energy usage. With Currant at work in the background, you’ll receive suggestions for quick changes and uncover simple ways to save both energy and money.I’m using this to monitor my sump pump and some heat tape that share an outlet in my basement. I can easily see how often each is cycling on in the Currant App, even when I’m not at home.

04: Wifi Outdoor Smart Plug Outlet, CTUDP Wireless (3 AC Outputs) Compatible with Alexa and Google Home& IFTTT


CTUDP Wifi Outdoor Smart Plug Outlet, one plug with 3 Wi-Fi Smart Socket and each port can be controlled individually by APP, convenient for indoor and outdoors.n ou can do interesting things in your courtyard, backyard gatherings, celebrations, barbecues, and more outlets to offer you more options. Three AC outlet designs, each with max of 10A/1200W, voice and smartphone can control it separately.This Wifi Outdoor Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa, echo, echo dot, echo tap, echo show, echo plug, echo connect, echo buttons, echo spot, also Compatible with Smart Speaker.Please install the APP Smart Life or Annhome first, is free. You can download it from Apple Store / Google Play or through scanning two-dimensional code in the USER MANUAL.Long press the ON/OFF button for about 5-7 seconds to activate Wi-Fi hotspot. Then you can connect the smart socket to the APP after the LED flickering red light. Please set the smart switch and connect your device step by step according to the instructions. The Manual included the connect mothod of Alexa/Echo.Initial setup went well and following the quick start guide was all that I needed to do. I use this to control my outside Christmas lights. I have set it up to operate though Alexa. It can control it via Apple devices control as well.


05: NEXX Garage NXG-100 b Smart WiFi Remotely Control Existing Garage Opener with App

 This Nexx Smart Garage Controller is a companion device to most existing garage door openers and allows one or more users to securely open, close, and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world.  This smart device will allow you to control your garage door with your smartphone, Alexa and Google Assistant devices, or just driving your car.The instruction is a little confusing if you are not technical but I thought it was simple enough to figure out without needing to contact anyone. Beyond the install, here is what I found.Documentation – After connecting the Nexx Garage to your Wifi Network the instructions are sketchy. I have a Craftsman 1.2 HP and the instructions included do not work for this unit. I had to reach out to support and spend time on Sears Youtube channel to figure out the correct connections to open an close the door.

06: i Power GLTIMESMART 15 X 4 Compatible, Google Home Assistant IFTTT 15 A ETL Plug, Smart WiFi 

 The Smart plugs are compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Assistant IFTTT. even when you are not at home, you can control Our “family Cloud” App to turn electronics on or off.amazing for the price. set up in about 20 minutes with a friends help. was going to build my own tent, but probably couldn’t buy the zippers for this price.There might be a couple pinholes, but they are so minor and easy to cover, it’s ridiculous to get something else. I couldn’t be happier. The ‘waterproof tray’ is useless, so you’ll want to still get a tray, but you already knew that, didn’t you.Holds humidity and heat very well. I was skeptical about the strength of the lining, but after months of my tegu clawing at it….it’s still in perfect condition. I should mention that the tent is laid on its side to maximize surface area for my tegu. Highly recommend for tegu owners.

07: Deako Smart Switch for the Deako Lighting System. Bluetooth Mesh Light Switch, Touchscreen Display Scene Controller215rpw38jVL

The smart switches are pretty easy to setup with the app and have been working great so far. I like being able to control the scenes from the switch itself without needed to pull out my phone. Overall, great product and I’ll probably purchase more down the line. Deako is my favorite Smart lighting option at the right price! I don’t have a “smart house” but I do have a number of gadgets hooked up for the TV, stereo, thermostat, appliances, BUT I’ve always been so hesitant to buy bluetooth bulbs due to the lack of good options. I want to be able to use different kinds of bulbs throughout the house depending on the space. Most bluetooth bulbs are LED and too bright to be cozy. The fact that the entire room or multiple rooms can be controlled from a single switch is fantastic! Simply connect to the app and program it the way you wish! Set up multiple configurations, they call them. I love the vacation mode where random lights throughout the house turn on and off. I highly highly recommend these for anyone who likes tech.I have recently installed Deako to my house. It easy to install and use.

08: TP-LINK HS 220 P 3 Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch (3-Pack), Dimmer by TP-Link – Dim Lighting from Anywhere

51SPGwC+XNL._SL1000_This Replace standard switches with the Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch, dim bulbs with the Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch, Dimmer or use the Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.With the smart Wi-Fi dimmer, you can control the ambiance of any space with the push of a button. A quick tap of the switch toggles lighting to the previous level and built-in up & down dimmer buttons let you fine tune lighting to match your mood or activity.I love the rest of my Kasa switches, but unfortunately the dimming one has a limited use case if it can only dim one bulb. For what it’s worth, it does dim the one bulb in the fixture very well.

09: WiFi Smart Plugs 2 PCS | Mini Outlet Compatible with Alexa & Google Home for Voice Control, Timer Function, IFTTT Enabled

This plug helps you control your home appliances, eliminate wasteful standby power, reduce energy use, save on your electric bills and extend product life.I have not been compensated for this review and purchased it independently at full price without contact from manufacturer, distributor, or seller.This was easy to set up with app and even Alexa, but with Alexa I cannot see how to control the two outlets independently.I ask google to turn off my backyard string lights and they are off before google replies back. I also have an Amazon Echo but I’m mostly using google for my home automation so cannot comment on Alexa’s compatibility.

10: Smart Plug Wifi Outlet ZOOZEE Compatible With Alexa, Echo, Google Home

This Perfectly compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Giving voice commands to control your home appliances.Track the energy usage of each appliance, effectively save energy. Protect the devices safety, prevent from overcharging and overheating. Provide you with a safe living environment.Received four units and they are all now installed. One is on the refrigerator, MBR, family room, and router in the basement. The one on the refrigerator is turning off during peak power rate windows. The others, Just taking power measurement for now.This is easiest if you add the SmartThings skill first. Now we can set schedules for the outlets, control them individually with Alexa and group them for total or multi room control. So far, once programmed properly, these plugs have been flawless.

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