01: Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Hard Tail Guitar – Laurel Fingerboard

712K7Uh-m6L._SL1500_This is simply a great deal and I’m quite pleased with it.I’m quite familiar with Fender products, so I knew what to expect with regards to the actual guitar. What surprised me was the quality of the accessory package. I was expecting mostly “throw away” trinket stuff.This Austin Bazaar guitar bundle includes all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box. Save yourself time and money with a guitar bundle from Austin Bazaar!very nice good looking, small amp but fine for a small house. they love it.. now i have 3 guitars for all the grandkids.. lots of noise going on in my house.Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the guitar, and the convenience of the practice amp. Gig bag’s a little thin, OK for what it is, but would be better with more padding.So I’m pleasantly surprised. I thought I was going to get a nice Fender Squire with a bunch of other stuff that I’d have to replace within the first few weeks. Turns out I got a nice complete package that should serve my young musician for some time to come.

02: Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar with Bag

61OH3Y-bvDL._SL1500_The price on this item was too good to pass up, so I took the jump. I couldn’t be more pleased. Having read most of the reviews, I want to clarify a few things.You are not buying a full-sized guitar, so realize going into this that the travel guitar will not sound like a normal sized guitar. You don’t get the same resonance and the bass tones aren’t as rich. This is because you are sacrificing a bit of tone quality for a more convenient travel size. The action is low, the tuning knobs are tight, and everything looks and feels solid when you play. I bought both of my kids 1/2 sized guitars for Christmas that were about half the price of this Martin and they look and feel like toy guitars compared to this. The quality of this guitar is Martin, 100%.It is worth mentioning that the body shape also restricts “anchoring”. I’ve found (although I never realized it before) that for certain songs, typically fingerstyle arrangements, I like to anchor my pinky finger in the neighborhood of where the pick guard would be to aid with accuracy. But with the small profile, there is no place to anchor, so I’ve been forced to change my style of play somewhat. In the end, this may be a good thing since I’ve found that freeing myself from anchoring allows me to play more loosely and with more speed.The strings are great–it comes with Martin strings, and they sound great.
The sound on this is phenomenal. I’ve been playing on el cheapo I picked up a few years ago, so this was like heaven. Yes, it does sound a bit “pluckier” than your average guitar, but not in an annoying way. It’s a great finger picking guitar, but I can only strum with decent ability right now.


03: Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top with Padded Gigbag


This is the kind of guitar Ed Sheeran built his career on as a busker. This is not the guitar he is currently using on tour, nor is it a good choice for recording. The version with electronics might be good for gigging, but the LXK2 does not have electronics so I can’t comment further than that.The tuners are not too good. The ratio feels low, which isn’t a probably for most of the strings but makes it hard to get the low E string dialed in. I’ll probably swap them out for 18:1 Grovers.This guitar is perfect. Its koa pattern and small frame makes this guitar ideal for traveling. Sound is also beautiful for its size. I highly recommend! This guitar goes on sale every so often, so just be patient if you’re looking to save a few bucks.small but has nice sound. it is really nice neck gripping so that I wanted to continously play this guitar.

04: Acoustic Guitar, Mugig 41″ Cutaway Guitar, Full Size, with Pickups

61UWy3DhmHL._SL1200_This solid basswood produces a thick, full and vibrant sound ideal. Through the chrome geared knob, it’s easy to adjust the tune. Moreover, with a dedicated tuner in package to enhance the pitch, make no mistakes.With a full set of required accessories, include Guitar Pickups, Tuner, Shoulder Strap, Strings, Capo, Accessories, Wipe Cloth, Guitar Bag etc.So there I think the tuner could be a little bigger and better, but it’s ok. Maybe little better tuners but it work just fine. This was bought for my girlfriend, who has always wanted to play. When I got this product and tried it. Very nice I changed the strings for them softer, which worked really well, no twang! Wood work and finish are beautiful, I should’ve got one for myself. Beautiful guitar!The guitar is really gorgeous and it has a really nice sound. There’s a slight buzz initially but adjusting the neck fixed that issue. Great guitar for starting out and an amazing deal.

05: Yamaha BB 234 BB-Series Bass Guitar, Yellow Natural Stain

71b1gcC1CfL._SL1500_The lows on this bass is crazy good and what’s even better about this bass is the clarity it delivers with the lows. This bass fits any occasion. I’ve played my BB 3000 since the 1988 and nothing has been better, but the BB 734A meets this classic’s standard. The BB 734 A is so solid, easy to play, and the most flexible tone you can imagine. This is a professional, solid bass that I highly recommend.I didn’t anticipate buying a Yamaha, tried Fenders, Ibanez and went with the 434. What I like: great build quality, solid 5 piece neck with a satin finish that I prefer.I love the jazz bass tones and always wanted a P bass. This I’m hoping will cover them both. My wife asks why do I need so many basses. They all sound different is why. I update when I test this at home.Update.. After playing several gigs I can say it’s now in my top 2 of the 8 basses I own. In passive mode rolled to front pickup its p bass all the way. It even looks like a fender. The active mode with the blend centered. Is very clean and punchy. The highs turned up all the way is too thin sounding is the only draw back I have.


06: Ibanez GSR 200 BLWNF LEFT-HANDED 4 String Electric Bass (Walnut Flat) w/ Gig Bag, Tuner, and Stand

71SRfPBI7yL._SL1500_Everything in the packaging was perfect. Was surprisingly in tune when it arrived.It was missing the tuner and stand with the guitar and case, and geartree was very prompt in getting those items shipped out after i notified them. Great service and a great starter bass.Love it! Compact, natural, and fun to play, the all in one kit was a steal for the gig bag.Bridge pickup: Dynamix J bridge pickup (Passive)
Bridge: B10 bridge (19mm string spacing)
Equaliser: Phat II eq.Factory tuning: 1G, 2D, 3A, 4E.Neck pickup: Dynamix P neck pickup.Cost effective for learning to play bass.

07:Luna Concert Tattoo Ukulele w/ Preamp, Gig Bag, and Tuner

71xpvXknw6L._SL1500_ (1)The tone is amazing thru an amplifier. Intonation is surprisingly accurate as well, and its quite easy on the fingers. I do play it thru a couple pedals as well. BOSS DD 3 digital delay and BOSS RV-6 Reverb. Love the quality of the sound. Build quality is high quality in all areas. After the first week, it maintained state of tune very well. I really enjoy playing this little ukelele. I bought the acoustic/electric verson. I love it.Tattoo laser etch.Neck: Nat/ Mahogany. Fretboard / Bridge: Rosewood On board Preamp.check-it-out-1

08: Oscar Schmidt 6 String S G Style Double Cutaway Electric Guitar. Walnut (OS-50-WA-A)


This is the first Oscar Schmidt guitar I’ve bought, and I have to say, this is the absolute best guitar I’ve ever played right out of the box in this price range. I honestly think it plays pretty close to how well my 2016 Gibson SG Standard does. It also plays better than a lot of higher-priced Epiphones that I’ve had in the past. Out of the box, the action is perfect for me and, as far as I can tell, the intonation seems perfect too. The pickups sound a lot better than I expected as well. I’ll definitely be buying more Oscar Schmidt guitars in the future.

Double cutaway solid Body
Tune-O-Matic Bridge & stop tailpiece
2 humbucker pickups
3-Way pickup selector
Chrome Hardware and Die cast tuners.Really people, you can’t go wrong here. I wouldn’t put this in a beginner class at all. I really don’t see how they can build and sell this guitar at this price. The finish has no flaws. The action after a little adjustment is as low as my 78 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty and it sounds actually better. The pickups are fine, again much better than you’d expect. The controls feel like they are good quality. The tuners are good. The fret edges are good.This was my 3rd Oscar Schmidt Guitar All 3 were of very good quality in both fit and finish. Compares well with imports costing twice as much. They even come setup well out of the box.check-it-out-1

09: Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster – Transparent Blue Bundle with Frontman 10 G Amp, Cable


This is an absolutely beautiful guitar. I mean it’s stunning! In all seriousness, pictures on the web do not to this color justice.I call it a TARDIS blue that’s semi-transparent, meaning that you see the awesome blue first, and then the wood grain showing through takes it to the next level.Other than that, it’s a Squier *by* Fender, not a Fender by Fender. I knew that when I bought it, so I don’t compare this to a true Fender.The colour was just as pictured and everything listed was included. The guitar works perfectly, as does the amp. He was able to figure it all out on his own, except for attaching the whammy bar, which my husband put on for him.We had a great time playing it and he agreed that it was a beautiful instrument. Can’t argue with the price either. I am extremely pleased with the color – I ordered the blue thinking it was painted but it is actually a finished blue stain that allows the beauty of the wood’s grain to come through. I’ve played it well over 150 hours for far and I have no complaints at all. Poplar body
“C”-shaped maple neck
20-fret fingerboard
Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups
Hard tail 6-saddle bridge.


10: ESP LTD F-200 FR CHM Electric Guitar w/ Stand and Tuner

71VpeIHroWL._SL1500_This guitars pick ups are versatile. Between a good crunch heavy distortion classic metal thrashing and on clean channels works fantastic. Action for the whammy is slick at the faintest touch the note wavers great. Usage if the whammy somewhat detunes but this is to be expected and it’s not tremendously. For the price this is the best guitar I’ve found.Overall function of the guitar is as good if bot better as the impression the guitar will give you just by looking at it.This guitar more than what I expected. This is an awesome guitar . Sounds perfect plays perfect feels good in my hands when I play . Packaging was what I expected . No damage done to guitar when I opened it . Everything was inside of it that is pictured. Buy this if it caches your eye or if your your worried about it.

Bridge PU: ESP Designed LH-150B
Bridge: LTD by Floyd Rose
Construction: Bolt-On
Electronics Layout: Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
Electronics: Passive


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