01:Silicone Bottle Brush Cleaner- Bottle Scrubbing Antibacterial Cleaner,Long Handle Cleaning Brush for Water Bottles, Baby Bottles,


61PuI9hK95L._SL1001_High-quality materials: Bottle brush cleaners are made of high-quality silicone. Very durable and long lasting. It does not scratch, does not absorb fat, does not produce unpleasant odors, and does not accumulate bacteria.This silicone bottle brush makes your bottle shine after cleaning, clean and sterile, with little or no elbow grease! Better results.Nice product. I ordered 3 and will give one as a gift.Various household cup cleaning brushes are better tools, such as the silicone bottle cleaning brush baby pet glass water seen on TV.


02: Silicone Bottle Brush with Long Handle – Silicone Kitchen Cleaner which are certified by FDA & baby food 


This silicone bottle brush is 360 degree ring form design, the bottle brush’s bottom bristles don’t crush like a plastic bristle and wire brush,after each use, not leav-ing any scratch with this soft silicone bottle brush,tensile strength can exceed 3 times of bottle brush’s bristles.Unique grooved handle and non-slip finish provides a secure grip- even in slippery, soapy hands.High-authority and Hygienic bottle brush is made of 100% food grade silicone, 360 degree ring form design .make it easy cleaning of bottles to every corner and service life is10 times than plastic / nylon bristled or sponge brushes.Get these bottle brush, you will no longer worry about the smelly sponge bristles,it may replace all bottle brush in your home.Love that these don’t hold onto germs the way sponges and brushes do! Fit great into water bottles etc!


03: Baby&i Silicone Bottle Brush Nipple-Shaped Brush Set Green Orange Pink Purple (Green)

The silicone thistles do not absorb any liquid, so it is fast to dry. This allows the product to be sanitary and durable for a very long time.With the Nipple-shaped brush, you are not only able to wash the bottle but also the teat of the bottle. After washing, shake off any liquid leftover and let it dry. By doing this,it is more sanitary.You can also sanitize it from any bacteria by placing the nipple-shaped part in boiling water 2 to 3 times. It is more convenient to use the silicone brush by placing detergent directly onto the brush and massaging it with your hands. My kitty just loves these brushes. I pick one up and she’s in my lap. They are soft and glide through her fur. hair that I can remove doesn’t end up in her tummy destined to be puked up on the carpet.Perfect for narrow glassware items to clean w/o scratching. I prefer the silicone to other brushes that leave fine scratch lines.I actually use this for cleaning my water bottle and other assorted dishes. I like it. Simple and does the job.
71wQkpmRbIL._SL1500_Six to eight feedings a day? Make sure clean bottles are ready for the next feeding with the OXO Tot Bottle Brush. The Brush features soft and firm bristles for gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing and has a soft handle that is non slip, even when wet. Tucked inside the handle is a silicone Nipple Cleaner that cleans tight spots like bottle nipples and breast pump parts more effectively than bristles can. The Brush has a flexible neck for easy reach inside bottles of different shapes and sizes. Keep brush in easy reach with the included Stand. After having my munchkin brushes break on me, I decided to try another brand. This brush is taller than I expected (I guess I was just so used to the munchkin size), it actually does a much better job! It feels heavier and more sturdy which is something I actually like, and I absolutely love the stand it comes with. The bristles are the perfect size and offer such great flexibility when cleaning various bottles and pump parts. My munchkin brushes were smaller and would end up tearing on the sponge portion after using on Medela storage bottles
71SoL96so6L._SL1500_This Small but mighty, this sink-side workhorse creates lush suds that make dish time easy (and maybe even a little fun). The ceramic base springs in to action, then stores neatly on your counter to keep the bamboo brush squeaky clean.This is my favorite dish brush, which feels like a silly thing to say, but I feel like I have tried just about every type of dish brush, Long one, short ones, ones that dispense soap.We love this little scrubber! It does a great job cleaning even difficult cooked on foods from delicate cookware. Haven’t tested the sudsing option but love the holder to keep the brush clean outside of the sink without needing a cumbersome “in sink” caddy. I would definitely recommend this product!Love this brush. Feels great in your hand, scrubs without scratching, and the ceramic holder is awesome. My first one has held up over 8 months, and I occasionally run it through the dishwashe.

07:12 Inch 100% Silicon Long Handle Kitchen Bottle Cleaning Brush- No Scratch-Flexible & Antibacterial Cleaner-Tool


08: Bottle Brush Cleaner-Baby Milk Bottle Cleaner Soft Silicone Bottle Brusher /360 Degree Rotating Long Handle Brush for Washing Glassware,

Bottle Brush Cleaner-Baby Milk Bottle Cleaner Soft Silicone Bottle Brusher/360 Degree Rotating Long Handle Brush for Washing Glassware,

Mummy‘s good helper-A good Bottle Brush to solve all bottle cleaning problem :can clear milk stains, grease in the depth of the bottles ,can be clean bottle, cup, milk powder boxes, breast pump etc., meet different needs!,Our Bottle brushes are made of food-grade super-tough silicone, which is far more durable than regular sponge and nylon bristles.,It also fits easily into the brush and also pulls out easily, All size bottles are available freely, soft silicone bristles do not scratch the bottle and other containers; The handle is long enough to reach to my deepest glass and water bottle at home. The crooked handle saved a lot of my strength to scrub the tea stain and milk stain at the bottom of the bottles/cups. I used sponge bottle cleaner before but it was too soft to remove the long-time stain.I did not receive my item for a discount. I do not get any promotions for posting a good review.I love the auger type handle for cleaning bottles. Once I realized you have to replace traditional bottle brushes at least monthly I looked for a better brush that can be sanitized.

The Sponge is processed through high temperature treatment which is more durable than normal sponge.Quality high intensity sponge is easy to dry and does not scratches to bottles or nipples.I love this bottle brush. It’s definitely the best brush I’ve ever used. I exclusively pump, and I was having a lot of issues getting off the film from the breast milk. This does the job nicely. I use it with the Medela Quick Clean Breast milk Removal Soap. I have had it for about a month, and I use it every 2 hours for pumping parts and bottles.The large sponge fits perfectly into my Dr Brown bottles. At first it might feel snug but the snugness helps create the friction needed to clean the bottles. The smaller sponge first perfectly into the wide part of the blue things on the DB bottles and nipples.I use these all the time. Use them to clean out the plastic part that goes into the sippy cup to slow down the flow and to clean the hard outer part of the sippy cup.

10: Assisi 13 P c Food Grade Multipurpose Cleaning Brush Set, Includes Straw Brush|Nipple Cleaner|Bottle Brush|Blind Duste

Safe for baby bottles and glassware. Contains NO harmful chemicals. Process is simpler and less cumbersome for cleaning baby bottles, reusable straws, juicers, jewels, water bottles, bongs, and pet fountains. You can find a million uses for them. Make you enjoy your cleaning chores.My brush set arrived quickly and they seem to be of good quality. They are working wonders in my kitchen. Before I found them, I was throwing away travel cups, water bottles, reusable straws and other items because I couldn’t reach the crud in all the nooks and crannie.This will be very helpful. The only disappointment is that the cloth cover slips off the blind cleaner and it’s too small for our blinds. The rest of the brushes are good.

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