01: Orange OR 15 Guitar Amplifier Head Bundle with Instrument Cable and Austin Bazaar Polishing

71uBRilnTJL._SL1008_The Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box. Save yourself the hassle and save some money while you’re at it. An instrument cable is included so you have an extra. An Austin Bazaar polishing cloth is included so you can keep your new instrument in mint condition.. Amazingly playable and switchable from 15 Watts to 7, this amp is as much about ‘feel’ as it is great tone, encouraging players to reacquaint themselves with the classic art of ‘riding the volume’ control. Wherever the Gain control is set, the OR15H is always expressive, with enough range on tap for even the most demanding players. Power Amp: 2 X El84, Pre Amp: 3 X Ecc83/12Ax7, Fx Loop: 1 X Ecc81/12At7. 1 X 16 Ohm Cabinet Connected to The 16 Ohm Output, 1 X 8 Ohm Cabinet Connected to One Of The 8 Ohm Outputs, 2 X 16 Ohm Cabinets Each Connected to One Of The 8 Ohm Outputs. Unboxed Dimensions: W X H X D 40 X 21 X 18 Cm (15.75 X 8.27 X 7.09″)
Unboxed Weight: 8.06 Kg (17.77 Lb).I have had a few days to test things out, works great with a number of guitars. Clean is super clean and dirty is quite excellent. Just a reminder no reverb onboard!! – so I had to adjust my pedal board. The ability to reduce the wattage via toggle switches is great so you can get insane gain and saturation without needing to make your ears bleed. I have not yet gigged with this amp but I am quite sure it will be fine. I love how light it is too 🙂 I feel the price is a bit high, but if you need good gear and you want to get a good sound you… sometimes have to buckle.All as I can say as WOW.


02: Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier, Orange 

51CRWru7r+LThe high power Crush range heralds a new dawn for Orange Amplifiers. These mark Orange’s first foray into the world of high power, solid-state amplifiers. The reason it has taken so long? We have yet to be happy with the sound, that is, until now. Orange has spent years researching, developing and testing a solid-state amplifier which they are truly proud of. The Orange design team felt it was important to keep these amplifiers simple and not bombard the player with hundreds of on board features. The result is an analogue, solid-state, two-channel (dirty and clean) amplifier based on the prestigious Rockerverb range. The dirty channel use a circuit based on four stages of gain and a three band EQ which provide the player with a wide pallet of over-driven and distorted sounds.Using with Fender American standard strat and Ibanez. Used for practice and home use – very good volume and “crunch” with gain all the way up with varying volumes. Great sound throughout low end and high end with responsive mids. Awesome controls and look. May pair with another speaker cab for full sound. Good looking cabinet with fit and finish you would expect from Orange.I use it through my Korg Krome workstation keyboard, I wanted a more gritty sound with the Rhodes and organ presets, and they sound great! A standard piano sound even through the clean settings isn’t as clear, but it’s perfect for smaller shows and house gigs.


03: Monoprice 611815 15 Watt, 1 x 12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker


The Uses three ECC83/12AX7 preamplification tubes and two EL84 power tubes for the amplifier section, plus a Celestion Red Truvox 1215 speaker.
Handles frequencies between 80Hz and 10kHz, with hum and noise -75dB below the rated power and 0.5% total harmonic distortion.The EL84 tube is the tube that powered the Mullard amplifiers favored by the British Invasion bands of the 1960s. It can produce a full output from a relatively small signal and is therefore easily overdriven to produce that distinctive chiming, treble-heavy sound, especially when compared to the 6L6 tubes more commonly used in 1960s era American guitar amps. The amplifier handles frequencies between 80Hz and 10kHz, with hum and noise -75dB below the rated power and 0.5% total harmonic distortion. It includes a Low input and a High input, with the former attenuating the signal by approximately 50% and the latter being easier to overdrive. Great sound, from clean Jerry Garcia tones to Jimi Hendrix with a turn of a knob.I did put it through its paces, playing a mild Sugar Magnolia and ending with Foxy lady and Teenage Wasteland after about 60 mins of jamming she was sounding amazing and I couldn’t stop. Thankfully someone told me it was 10:30 and I should stop playing.


04: Fender Mustang LT-25 – Digital Guitar Amplifier



The versatile signal chain with high-quality onboard amp and effects models produces amazing tones, making it an ideal practice amp for home or office.This is a winner. I’ve owned a Fender Champion 20 and Fender Mustang V2 20 watt amp. This is far superior to both in terms of features and available tones. 8 inch speaker sounds great and very compact and easy to travel with. Smart looking all black grill and cabinet.I love the presets and use them all the time. Great for small spaces. This amp sits right next to me so I can play on low volume and not wake up the family. I have used it with headphones which is cool too. I looked at a lot of other amps and for the money, I fell I purchased the best one. This amp does this very well. The presets are good but easily tweaked to sounds you’ll be happy with. The cleans are nice and getting blues and rock tones is a breeze. Given modern sound systems are so good one could possibly use this for a gig with just a good microphone.check-it-out-1

05: VOX Black Cab Series Amplifier Cabinet (BC 108)

71USc5DPnEL._SL1029_The Based on vox’s unique design philosophy, the black cab series delivers unprecedented flexibility and sound quality. The cabinet structure has been meticulously considered in every detail, including carefully selected speaker, and a simple design in basic black. With the black cab series, you can take full advantage of your guitar amp head’s potential and perform with the best sound.Designed to pair with the innovative mV 50, the VOX BC 108 delivers unprecedented flexibility and sound quality.I bought this cab for my bedroom practice. I wanted something small but with good sound. I use a few amp heads while practicing through this little speaker cabinet. Right now I have a Morgan AC40 Deluxe (40 watts rms) with wattage control, an Egnater Tweaker (15 watts rms) and a Vox Night Train (15 watts rms). I have used a Quilter Hwy 101 through it as well. All of the amps sound really good through this speaker cab. Plenty of lows, mids and highs. Vox has done a great job pairing the 8 inch speaker with a tight cab.


06: Fender Super Champ X2 15-Watt Guitar Amp Head


The Super Champ X2 Head offers great low-power tube sound in compact design that presents the same great features as its 15-watt, dual-channel combo sibling. It’s designed for use with the new SC112 Enclosure or other 8-ohm speaker enclosure. Made in Ensenada, Mexico, the Super-Champ X2 Head features a voicing knob for selection of 16 different amp types (Tweed, Blackface, British, Hot Rod, metal and more), 15 effects with level control, dual-channel switching (foots witch optional), tap tempo control for precise delay time adjustment, 1/4” line output and USB output for speaker-emulated digital recording.Great little tube amp with an authentic Fender tube sound that also includes cabinet modeling. I do a lot of home recording and this amp features a USB port for going straight into the computer via your DAW. Doing this accurately replicates the cabinet sound while at the same time allowing you to monitor your playing through your amp speaker cabinet.I have a cool little cab with a Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker in it that I really wanted to use with a head to cut down the weight of a tube amp to manageable levels for and old cat like me. I can’t express how happy I am with this amp. Right out of the box, the clean channel was exactly what I was looking for, just heavenly, and then I found the Deluxe Amp setting, and good lord, I heard my favorite amp, a Deluxe clone that I sold a couple of years back and regretted ever since.


07: BUGERA T 50-INFINIUM 50-Watt Cage-Style 2-Channel Amplifier Head with Infinium

71Eh96gSz+L._SL1000_This isn’t a cheap knock-off. It has all the style and engineering I would expect from a Behringer product. I read something (somewhere) about this amp being made from cheap parts. That’s not my experience.The cage is made from 18 gauge (that’s my best guess) steel and is beautifully chromed. I really like the look of this amp. I opened it up and pulled each tube to Deoxit the pins. They used ceramic sockets on the 12AX7’s and a plastic (or some other plastic-like material) socket on the EL34’s. The pre-amp tubes are set half down and half up so they are a little hard to get a hold of. Just go slow and they come out fine. I’m not sure if these are hand soldered, but I found some very nice solder work on the sockets. I have had a twin reverb, deluxe reverb, princeton reverb, 1/2 marshall stack and Vox Valvetronix. This combo sounds better than any of them. Very versatile controls. Played a Les Paul, SG, ES 335, Strat and Tele and they all sound great. The Tele sounds the absolute best. This amp sounds so good on both the clean side and the driven side and is plenty loud. But it sounds pretty good. comes loaded with many useful controls, ohm switch is great. tubes are a nightmare to pull and are buried 1/2 way. Very heavy head. pots are smooth with just enough brake. I tried a hot JJ in first OD slot and a long plate JJ in clean channel and both sounded better.


08: Line 6 Spider V 240 H C)

61cQS8YLvaL._SL1000_Three times as many amp, cab, and effect models as other amps in its class.Built-in tuner, metronome and real drummer loo.Wireless-ready for Line 6 Relay transmitters.Fast and easy tone shaping with intuitive controls.Spider V 240 H C integrated full-range stereo speaker system for practicing and tone creation, and it also gives you a huge collection of upgraded amp and effects models. Spider V features a clean and modern design, it sounds great, and is easy to use-it’s the most impressive Spider ever. Choose from over 200 newly refined amps, cabs and effects. Quickly dial-in the perfect tone using simple color-coded controls. The bi-amped full-range speaker system delivers incredible depth and clarity for both electric and acoustic guitars. Plus, Spider V is packed with over 100 specially designed presets-including iconic rigs, artist-built tones and Line 6 originals-giving you instant access to an arsenal of professionally dialed-in sounds.This piece of equipment is awesome. I got it to power a Fender 212 Hot Rod cabinet and did it ever do more than that. I love the sound of it alone without any other speakers connected to it and all of the effects that it has built in.I was using a Line 6 40 watt Bogner combo amp with the tubes in it and the sound was awesome for what I needed but I was pleasantly surprised that this solid state head sounds even better and that’s just with the small included speakers.


09: TC Electronic Guitar Amplifier Head B Q 250

71dp+pjJP9L._SL1500_This Very happy with my amp head for my guitar I never hear about this brandi star using right away as soon I got it. Great sound quality easy to carry every where dont use a big area to transport the head. In short words I’m very happy with this product.For now and on I going to use TC Electronics Equipment. I been a musician since i was a 6 yrs. Old now i am 57.I recommend this product good quality sincerely. It is amazing that you can get so much amp in a lightweight package. I wanted something i could transport easy. Perfect for my needs and at a great price point. I don’t play out a lot so i can’t speak to that yet, but it does have a line out so i should be ok. So far it is great.Aside from the active/passive switch being wired backwards, its pretty awsome. Light weight, good tone, decent comp and dirt cheap. If it breaks or gets lost/stolen i would certainly buy another one.Easy to setup and has big sound from such a small unit.

10: Laney Amps Component Rack (I R T-Studio)


The Most of us agree that we’d love to record in a situation where making a lot of noise was not an problem but in most cases we’re recording in our home studios and making a lot of noise is not always an option. So the IRONHEART IRT-STUDIO has a couple of features designed specifically to allow you to get a great tone whether you are recording in the studio or recording live.I have had my IRT studio for a year and I love it. I use it for quiet recording all of the time at home. I use the XLR out into my audio interface and use impulse responses for my cabs sounds. I couldn’t be happier about this things tones. The clean channel is very versatile. It goes from pretty jangly cleans, to warm jazz, then crank it up and use the boost and you get classic rock! The gain channels are fantastic for modern metal, rock, shred. The built in reverb is very pretty sounding and gives you just enough reverb.Overall for the price its a steal. You get 3 channels, a digital reverb and a very awesome sounding amp. It can do anything from a subtle crunch to raging distortion. The only problem I have with this amp is it’s noise and its clean channel breaks up really.


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