01: Minn Kota Talon 12-ft. Shallow Water Anchor


The Built-in work light Illuminates the entire aft section of the boat. SELECT blue or White light, with three brightness options.TALON carries a five year limited Warranty and a Lifetime spike Warranty.You can even control Talon from select Hummingbird units.User selectable modes for Normal, rough water, or soft bottom.Just got the 12′ Talons on my boat and have had it out twice. Totally awesome…works like a champ. They deploy quickly up and down. Great for launching the boat…no more tying the boat to the dock. Great aid when fishing in the wind. Don’t have to stay on the trolling motor all day long. They are expensive but worth every penny .

02: Minn Kota Talon

61n7BteJCeL._SL1500_The faster you lock into your spot, the sooner you can get your line back in the water. That’s why we built a shallow water anchor that deploys quicker, holds stronger and runs quieter.Then we made it better. Our 10′ Talons anchor runs deeper, run smarter and feature innovations that no other anchor can touch. Selectable anchoring mode.Built-in wave absorption.What a great tool for any boat works great.


03: AMRD-94015.1 Danforth Standard Galvanized Fluke Type Anchor

31HG4IqopyLThis anchor has the traditional holding power which has always been associated with Danforth Standard Anchors
The shank is made of high strength steel. The steel flukes are strong and wide.Each anchor has a hot dipped galvanized coating for long lasting protection. Danforth Standard Galvanized Fluke Type Anchor, 25 Lb For Up To 40 Ft. Boat This anchor has the traditional holding power which has always been associated with Danforth Standard Anchors. The shank is made of high strength steel. The steel flukes are strong and wide. Each anchor has a hot dipped galvanized coating for long lasting protection.Affordable anchor for any boater! Arrived amazingly quickly, and very well constructed.


04: Marine Now Stainless Steel Delta Style Boat Anchor

71Vboy5amnL._SL1500_The Delta anchor is constructed of high-grade stainless steel for maximum tensile strength.It remains stable under a wide range of tide and wind conditions. Stows easily on a bow roller. Quick set and reset.Like Lewmar, it has a lead-ballasted tip, giving it a low center of gravity geometry, making it self-righting ensuring that it will set and reset properly.The answer is easy. Our manufacturer actually supplies Lewmar anchors and uses the EXACT SAME METAL. That is right, we are buying our anchors from the same place that makes Lewmar anchors with the identical quality stainless steel. * Boat size is listed for guidance only. Anchor sizing depends on many factors such as boat weight, windage, etc. When in doubt, move up a model size or two.An attractive alternative to higher priced name brand units. Unfortunately the one I purchased was too big and I had to return. But, it was a quality product.


05: Anchor Suit Boat Anchor Storage Bag, fits Danforth & Fortress Fluke-Style Anchors

61+xt7OfzCL._SL1500_This Anchor Suit is a cool and unique new boating accessory designed to mitigate boat damage and injury by softening all impact points of the Danforth and Fortress anchors. It silences nuisance anchor rattle while underway, maintains anchor gear and provides a sleek fit and finish to your Pontoon Boat, Sportfishing Boat, Powerboat or Sailboat.Thick neoprene lined with heavy duty reinforcement fabric.Fully functional carry handle reinforced with corrosion resistant grommets.Unique new boating accessories always make a great gift for the boater in your life.Considering no product has ever been developed in the world to address this situation, and out of pure necessity, the Anchor Suit was developed. Anchor Suit is a fully reinforced marine grade neoprene cover which was designed to soften all angles and jagged edges of the Danforth/fluke style anchor. This rugged design alleviates nuisance anchor and chain rattle while underway, mitigates bodily harm during inadvertent contact, protects hard and soft interior boat surfaces, e.g. gear locker, main salon, fore peak, lazarette, under PWC seat, yacht tender, etc. Also, the Anchor Suit keeps anchor gear neatly organized in a tangle free and readily deployable state. While the Anchor Suit does provide tangible real world asset and personal protection, extra thought was also given into its design to provide a fit and finish to that of a sleek fitting wet suit. When we invest hard earned money into something that brings enjoyment to our entire family, we do what we can to protect it as much as possible. No scrapes, scratches or damage.due to an unprotected anchor with this product, better yet, no damage to other boats who are right next to us.


06: Mantus Anchor Galvanized

7105ehsN+lL._SL1500_ (1)This When tested, our boat anchors set faster and deeper than any other tested boat anchor, including Rocna, Manson Supreme, Bulwagga, Fortress, Bruce, CQR and Danforth anchors. EASY TO STORE The Mantus anchor lineup simply has the best boat anchors available. Whether you are a long range cruiser, racing or going out for a day sail.I chose the 35lb model for my 30ft sailboat and could not be happier with my decision. This anchor sets immediately and has absolutely no problem with reseting. There is no better feeling then heading to shore for the day and not having to worry about will the boat be there when I get back.Absolutely phenomenal anchor. Compared to the Bruce claw and spade I used previously, this anchor is magic on all counts: initial set, hold, reset, recovery. I don’t anchor for extended periods of time, but for my use it performs incredibly and has allowed me to be a far less stressed and far happier boater. Sets very quickly, so no resetting boat position several times before nailing my spot.We dragged once in 15 years of sailing in New England with our Bruce anchor but getting it to set typically took several tries. This anchor sets right away and held us in 30 KTs of wind and the waves generate over a quarter of a mile of fetch. Glad I changed out the Bruce for this hook.


07: Lew mar Galvanized Delta Anchor


The Lew mar Galvanised Delta 10 kg/22 lb worked the first time, held tight, and came right up when we were ready to leave. And it looks great on the boat.We have a 2006 Maxum 3300 (LOA 35 feet, 11,500 pounds/dry). I don’t know if it was the previous anchor or me but the 14 pound original equipment anchor the 22 lb Lewmar replaced was always hit or miss (which proved to be very unsettling).Great price, hook up every time. I did know about attaching wire on breakaway circle, fortunately I have a neighbor that is an avid fisherman and he showed me the correct way to install the chain.Love this anchor and I tell all my friends about it. Set’s every time on Lake Huron and holds my 32′ Silverton, chain also makes a big difference so add as much chain as you can.check-it-out-1

08: Shalimar Showroom Nautical Decor Ship Anchor – Aluminum – Nautical Boat Decor Maritime Theme Boat Part


This Shalimar Showrooms Presents our new Hand Painted Anchors are made from Solid Aluminum metal and hand finished in India for a truly unique piece of home decor. Designed as a beautifully sculpted piece of home decor for any room.When i decided to use a nautical decor in the spare bedroom one of the things I needed was an anchor. I really had to search. I didn’t want some cheap fake looking anchor. I found this and it is perfect. I was surprised as to how heavy it is. Luckily I hit a stud just where I wanted to hang it.


09: Shoreline Marine #7 Slip Ring Anchor Kit


This could probably be used as a main bow anchor on a slightly smaller boat, but you’d probably want to add more rope unless you’re in pretty shallow waters.We have a small 18′ bowrider with precious little storage space, so this anchor, rope and chain set is exactly what I needed. It’s light enough for my wife to drop and retrieve but it should be just fine for holding us in place on our local lakes and rivers.Great for the money. I have a 20 foot saltwater boat, this is our backup anchor. Yes it is sort of flimsy but for the price it can’t be beat. Hold fine on calm days. Felt like I stoled it because it was so cheap.

10: Slide Anchor – Box Anchor for Offshore Boat Anchoring


The Just pull the line to bring the boat over the top of the anchor and the lack of upward facing surface area will allow the anchor to pop right off the bottom.The best part of this powerful anchor is that it will fold flat for quick and easy storage. Simply release the stainless steel stabilizing arm and pack away in its ventilated storage bag.We spend a decent amount of time anchored while letting our kiddos swim at the lake. This anchor has been amazing. My previous boat I used a Danforth anchor and it worked fine as long as I gave it enough line. With the box anchor, I pull it out of the carrying bag, unfold it and throw it over the side. After that, I don’t think about it again until it’s time to head out because this thing just does not move. I wish I would have purchased this for my previous boat.The bottom as a 50/50 sand mud mix approx 6ft deep. The anchor set instantly and we didn’t not budge a foot from that moment on. At the end of the day about 7hrs later I was concerned all that weigh would have the anchor dug deep and would be difficult to retrieve however it instantly released from the bottom and a few cleansing dunks later i was on my way. This anchor also stows easier then my old danforth. It’s a much smaller profile. It was a great purchase I’m very happy!


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