01: Cuisinart C CO-50 B KN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black

Style, convenie619Ay+kC96L._SL1500_nce, and power come together in the Cuisinart electric can open. With chrome accents and elegant contours, it fits nicely with other modern counter-top appliances. The easy single-touch operation effortlessly opens any standard size can. The precision Power Cut blade and strong magnetic lid holder are attached to the removable lever, which can be easily detached for quick cleanups. A stable design with a wide base for extra sturdiness and solid construction, it won’t tip or slide. Simply place the can under the guideposts and press the lever for effortless opening!I love this can opener! I have terrible arthritis and have tried many other openers. This one is amazingly easy to operate. Once you place the can just lower the lever and the can opens by itself. The price is very reasonable. I would suggest to the company to advertise for people with arthritis because it sure makes my life a whole lot easier.The first can I tried to open just sat there and ground the label off. I had to force the can to turn, and was left with metal shavings on the bottom of the opener.


02: H J Y C Can Opener Manual,Heavy Duty Can Openers,Can Opener Smooth Edge with Sharp Stainless Steel Blade,



The can opener is made of professional food grade stainless steel. It will not rust or break.It has high hardness and high carbon steel cutter head with longer service life. The handle is ergonomically designed with a concave surface for skid resistance.So,it’s safe. extra sharp cutting wheel-extremely durable and heavy duty,the stainless steel slices through the top of the can in one touch like butter,without needing excessive pressure.Cut quickly, turn corners without going off track for easy turning without hurting your finger. This can opener can be used on tin can, oil can, milk can, cat dog food can, metal can, aluminum can, beer can, small can, large can, round can, square can, water bottle, jar etc. ALWAYS HAVE A BARTENDER TOOL READY – with a bottle openers at the top.This can opener can be carried around. I like camping. I like canned food as well. This is the best choice for camping.This can opener can be carried around. I like camping. I like canned food as well. This is the best choice for camping.


03: Electric Can Opener, Batteries Operated Smooth Soft Edge with One-Touch Start Automatic Can Opener for Arthritis Individuals, Seniors,


The electric can opener saves your energy by automatically open can in any thickness with twice of regular can opener power. It is the most convenient, most powerful, yet easiest operation can opener.Place the Can Opener on top of the can with its rim positioned in the groove between the Cutter and the Drive Wheel .With the can on a flat surface, press the Button for about one second and release, then the Can Opener will start cutting the side of the can.This FP is the perfect size for 1 or 2 people. It holds 32oz. or 907.185g of water and I use 40g of bean coffee ground fresh, which makes it stout enough for me. Once near boiling, around 195º – 200º, pour over ground coffee, let steep for 4 min., plunge, and you have a great cup of Joe. I liked the price too. No need for a high dollar press. I’d buy it again in a heart beat.Hot brew or cold brew! This is a great device!Easy to install and does exactly what it says. This is a fine product for anyone who shudders at the thought of putting their expensive cutlery in a drawer — which anyone with expensive cutlery knows is the quickest way to the replacement of expensive cutlery.


This Table mount can opener is easy to install at any establishment.Opening cans has never been easier than with this heavy duty can opener.Our met Lux heavy duty table mounted can opener is perfect for any kitchen. This tool is durable, dependable, and versatile. Using our well designed table mounted can opener will only make your life in the kitchen easier.The blade easily detaches for cleaning, so you won’t have to worry about keeping this can opener sanitary.These tools come in a 1 count box and are made of metal.The best very good price.


06:Hamilton Beach 76607 Z A Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrom


This can opener will easily open all standard-size cans and cans with pop-top lids.Large ergonomic lever provides effortless operation.Deluxe can opener opens all can types- including pop-tops with the side cutting action that lifts the can top off and leaves a smooth edge . Large ergonomic lever is easy to operate. Extra tall design in black & Chrome to fit any kitchen décor .No complaints here. I have had a Black and Decker under the counter can opener for what seems like forever and there always seems to be an issue in getting the can opener to accept the can, etc… Well, it finally just stopped working.I’m 72 years young and this is the BEST can opener i’ve ever owned or operated.!! Reviewers who said it has a short cord probably did not pull it all the way out. I thought the same based on the reviews I read when I received the opener. But upon reading the manual, it shows a picture of storing the cord on page 5. Then I realized that the cord was not pulled out all the way. Fairly easy to use, and makes a clean cut.


07: ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet, Whit


The Zyliss Lock N Lift Can Opener is ergonomically designed for comfort and maximum efficiency. Opener locks onto can for easy pouring. Magnet with release lever lifts lid and releases it for safe and easy disposal. Hands never touch the lid! However, I will say this: there is a tendency to really squeeze this opener (and I mean get a death grip on the handles) as I am turning the crank. This arises from my sorry history with manual can openers. It was necessary to really clamp down in order to keep the cutter running through the metal. I have to remind myself to ease up, relax, give the tool a break.strange that I would rate a can opener…. but this is a really awesome can opener! I have yet to see it slip, not open, not penetrate the can, or anything. I open two cans a day for my dogs and this guy just chews through them. Nice thing is the quick release button so you don’t have “dog food hands” after you are done!


08: CLOUD WING Multi-Function Manual Stainless Steel Safe Can Opener,Easy To Turn Knob,


The can opener has a large knob, a high carbon alloy stainless steel sharp cutting wheel and a stainless steel handle. Can quickly and easily open cans,Make Smooth Edge with Stainless Steel Sharp Blade,leaves no sharp edges on can or lid. easy to use, labor saving, easy to clean.The can opener is suitable for professional chefs, bartenders, restaurants or families.Comfortable turning handle, using TPR resin anti-skid material, arc design, smooth rotation, easy to operate.Stainless steel long handle design, metal texture through grinding processing, improve grip.Add beer bottle opening ring at the end to meet more needs.Works great. Love the slimmer size. Needed a can opener for my camper and storage is limited so the size is perfect. Cuts really well.I like can openers that take off the whole top, no sharp edges. The one I had opened just about everything except rotel tomato cans. I use rotel quite frequently so I was annoying that it just scraped the top but would not open them.


09: Simple Taste Electric Automatic Wine Bottle Opener with Corkscrew, Blue LED Light and Wine Foil Cutter

61bI8XXZ0dL._SL1200_The wine bottle opener’s body is made of stainless steel, which is both durable and rust resistant. Its silver sheen and included charging stand will look stylish and elegant no matter where you place it.Whether relaxing solo after a long day at the office or hosting an intimate dinner or any party, Simple Taste’s electric wine bottle opener makes it easy to start the evening off in any style.Love it so far! Seems a little under powered if it’s sat for a few days w/o topping off the charge, but it’s geared slow for power not speed. If I plug it in when I set my wife’s white wine in the fridge, by the time it’s chilled the opener has great power for a couple bottles.What a great product! Makes opening your wine super easy and so much more convenient! Just follow the directions and your all set. It was quite easy really. It has a nice stylish look to it too. Nice enough you can leave on your counter or bar. A good buy for the money and time it saves.Very nice electric wine bottle opener. I like that it has a charging cradle with the foil remover separate from the opener.A little slow, so it feels as if the battery has run down, but it hasn’t.


10: Premium Can Opener, Portable Stainless Steel Sharp Blade, Smooth Edge, Gear-driven Manual Bottle Opener with Soft-grip Knob


Large ergonomic lever provide effortless operation. Lightweight, non-slip, soft cushion handles provide a secure grip while comfortably fitting in your palm. Liquids inside the can will not spill easily with the high-cutting model.Our professional heavy duty manual can opener, multi-function and easy to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor, open all kinds of food cans, such as cats food cans, dogs food cans etc.High-quality stainless steel promises a smooth and shining surface and a strong and reliable bod.This can opener works very well, convenient tool, worth every penny.


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