01: Camp Chef Smoke Pro DLX Pellet Grill (Black) with Sear Box (PG 24-PGSEAR)



The patented ash clean-out cup alone sets the PG 24 among the most convenient pellet grills to use, industry wide. Here are some specs worth considering when ordering a Camp Chef DLX pellet grill over their top competitiors. Camp Chef offers a ton of bang for your buck with their Smoke Pro DLX PG 24 pellet grill. Compared to top competition the DLX includes more features than anything at the same price point.Once you use a great pellet smoker like this one, you will never go back to a regular grill! We have made some of the best tasting smoked meats we have ever had. Camp Chef has a ton of recipes that you can tweak to your liking. I purchased this DLX with the searbox bundle for $699 which I feel is a great deal. Works great. I use it several times a week!Very sturdy and lots of features that rise above the competition. The side seat box is awesome!


02:Camp Chef Woodwind S G Pellet Grill with Sear Box – Smart Smoke Technology – Ash Cleanout System – with Slide and Grill Technology


The digital temperature control and automatic auger feed pellets into the grill to maintain the heat for you and produce the optimal amount of smoke. Just set it and let it—no more babysitting.Grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue all your favorite foods with premium wood-fired flavor on a single grill. Cook how you want with a huge temperature range at your fingertips, from 160° F up to 500° F. That means less time wrestling with the vacuum and more time enjoying heavenly food.The Woodwind SG is fueled by hardwood pellets generating heat and smoke, infusing your food with a savory wood fire taste that’ll make your taste buds sing.I’ve used this grill just about every day since I bought it. Incredibly easy to use. Reliable pellet feed keeps a very constant temperature. My wife loves the sear box so that she can grill hamburgers, chicken breast, etc. without having to fire up the big rig. I do use a smoke tube to get a bit extra smoke into my cooks.


03: Arke BBQ Grill 5 Skewer Gas Rotisserie Authentic Brazilian Barbecue at home – BBQ Roaster Oven – Perfect for Chicken, Fish, Beef, Vegetables & more

This is Perfect for chicken, fish, beef or other meats and vegetables, this multi-skewer rotating system ensures your food is evenly cooked and much tastier than the oven, skillet or standard grill.Nothing like this has ever been available in the US – until now. Fans of barbecue, grilled meats, Brazilian food and outdoor enthusiasts – here’s your chance to get your hands on the first of its kind in America.This is my second Arke barbecue grill. The first one i bought in Brazil. The same quality. Excellent product.Do your bbq inside the house or apt with no smoke just the nice smell from your meat. Easy to clean. 00:45 minutes and your bbq is ready.

04: AUPLEX Outdoor Lifestyle 21 Inches Barbecue Egg Shaped Charcoal Ceramic BBQ Kamado Grill

This is durable,high quality ceramic finish. Great for grilling,smoking,roasting&Pizzas. 46.7cm cooking grill area. Temperatures up to 400 Celsius(800 F). Super-efficient air flow& temperatuere control . Long burn times easily achievable. Collapsible side shelves for easy storage. Great tasting,succulent cooking.The sealed kamado provides a more even radiant heat and effective distribution of smoked flavor into the food, Maintain moisture. It is the prominent selling point different from other similar products.This is a very nice grill. The stand looks like quality metal and the trays are substantial on the sides. It came well packaged and was easy to unpack and attach the handle and sides. The instructions were written very clearly. The cart was easy to assemble also. It looks very similar to one at Lowes that was $1200. I can’t wait to grill on it! In one of the photos on the product description it shows one so I was unclear if it was included. It is not but can be purchased on Amazon for around $65. I ordered the 18inch (same as BGE large) and it fits perfectly.

05: Solaire SOL-EV 17 A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

The Solaire everywhere is perfect for tailgaters, picnics, RVs, camping, boating, balconies & backyards – everywhere you want great tasting, juicy grilled food. This use-made portable grill features the Solaire infrared burner, which heats up in just three Min to searing hot temperatures that lock in the juices. it also has the Solaire v-grate, which improves flavor & virtually eliminates flare-ups.Purchased the GREAT anywhere infrared portable gas grill, best purchase I have ever made, was sceptical about the size, well let me tell you this grill cooks FAST holds in all the juices, the best steaks you will ever eat, awesome burgers, great chops,,one word of caution FOLLOW the cooking times or else you will drastically overcook your food.

05: Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 900 Outdoor Griddle FTG 900 Black

715-rE5IsKL._SL1500_I have a $5000 Sterling Tech 2 Grille that I will probably never use again after buying this flat top. I understand they are two different types of cooking, but this thing is absolutely unreal. I am going to buy a second one for my repair shop to cook lunch for the guys from time to time. I highly recommend! Easy to set up, I literally was cooking burgers on it 30 minutes after opening the boxes.After 15 years I finally removed my “built in” Viking grill and replaced it with this. I am glad I did.I love this griddle. Hubby and I decided to get the bigger griddle and I’m glad we did. It cooks great and has enough room to cook multiple items at the same time.
The rich, full flavor of slow-cooked food has been a staple of outdoor cookouts.The Masterbuilt 30-inch electric digital smokehouse delivers smokehouse flavor as easy as grilling not only does this electric, digital smoker come fully equipped with a blue led display for easy viewing in direct sunlight, but it also has over 700 square inches of total cooking space on four chrome cooking racks. This smokehouse also has a new drip deflector and front access drip pan.The internal light lets you see your food smoke every time you want to check the cooking process. The locking door and the inner liner help to keep the heat and smoky flavor inside. The smooth operating wood chip loading system allows better smoke control allowing you to have as much or as little smoky flavor you would like for your foods.My wife purchased this for me for Christmas this past year 2015 and I got to use it yesterday for the second time.

07: Memphis Grills Elite Wood Fire Pellet Smoker Grill Wi-Fi (VGB0002S), Built-in, 304 Stainless Steel Alloy

The Memphis Grills Elite Built-In Wood Fire Pellet Smoker Grill combines high quality construction and innovative features to create one of the most advanced pellet smokers on the market. The heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction ensures a long lasting and durable product, while the 6mm nickel-plated steel cooking grates create a non-stick cooking surface that’s perfect for smoking and grilling alike.The best I’ve ever seen. It’s an oven, it’s a smoker, it’s a grill, it’s efficient, it’s WiFi and it’s easy to operate. It’s expensive, but the best normally is. My cousin has one and I made the mistake of seeing it in action, so nothing, and I mean nothing compares to this product. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, boys!This is by far the most amazing BBQ I have ever owned.Best grill I have ever owned. It cooks like a dream.
The smoker is easy to use, and the size is perfect for family use. I love this smoker more and more after every use. If you want the best smoked meats you have ever prepared then you will want a Backwoods smoker.The fire box is designed great. I can add charcoal and wood chunks without losing the heat in the upper chamber. The design of this cooker is great. The only regret that I have is that I did not make this purchase years ago. Thanks again to Jeff Silvers for unbelievable service and the folks that make the Backwoods smokers. Lance Bennett from Claremore, Oklahoma.I received my Backwoods Chubby 3400 a few days ago from Jeff Silvers’ Smokin ’Deals BBQ. I’ve been smoking meat for years, but I never had a smoker like this one. I’ve done one turkey, fish, pork butts, and a couple racks of ribs which have all come out perfect! Would definitely recommend.

09: NORTHFIRE Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill

This thing is so easy to use and it gets the perfect char just like a steakhouse. I have a napoleon grill with a searing side burner. It gets really hot close to 1800 degrees but the flavor profile of the steak is comprised because of flare ups. Seems to be built very well with stainless steel. Hopefully I dont have any issues with it dying out.. This machine does hit *1500 degrees, and it cooks a 1.5-inch ribeye 2 minutes per side to a perfect medium rare. However, the device has some quirks. You must place the steak accurately under the burner if you miss “the zone” you side not get the desired results. Also if you use a rub, much of it will burn off by in the intense heat. Arrived well packed, solidly made, no rattles. Lights easily with igniter, gets HOTT fast. Ideal for flame finishing 2”thick sous vide steaks and chops. This is a social event, friends enjoy sizzling their own shrimp, skewers, salmon filets in seconds. My new favorite toy, a party starter. When they make a larger one, I’ll buy that too.

10: Uuni Pro – Multi-Fueled Outdoor Pizza Oven

The definitive tool for your garden or outdoor kitchen.Comes Standard with Wood and charcoal Burner. Wood Pellet burner sold separately.This super-versatile UUNI Pro Cooks 60-second pizzas, perfectly seared steaks and mouthwatering stews right in your back yard. The UUNI Pro comes with the wood + Charcoal Burner as a standard. The Wood Pellet Burner is Sold Seperately. *Gas Burner should be coming soon but is not available at this time in the USA. This is made out of 430 Stainless steel, and is ceramic fibre insulated.This is a neat cooker. Does great on Pizzas but we’ve also enjoyed Philly Cheese Steaks, salmon, and an apple cobbler Customer service is PHENOMENAL though. Can’t say enough about that.

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