01: Sunrise Pro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener For Straight And Serrated Knives, Hands-Free, 

SunrisePro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener For Straight And Serrated Knives, Hands-Free, Safe For Family, Required No Skills, Space Saver, U

The Original and USA Patented knife sharpener of its kind. WARNING: Don’t Be Fooled When Someone Is Claiming Their’s US patented unless you physically seen the product. Also, avoid buying Fake, Counterfeit, Piracy exact same product. When you purchase this product, you are buying the Original USA patented so you are making a wise investment decision and supporting America’s Patent System.Knife sharpening: annoying, hard to do well, dangerous to skip it because dull knives slip.
I’ve had fancy knife branded sharpeners, electric ones, diamond honers, waterstones, you name it. As a woodworker I can stumble through tool sharpening with my grinding wheel and felt honing wheel but that never works so well with kitchen knives.
I’m so impressed by this little Sunrisepro sharpener I can hardly stand it. Affordable, simple, and it works SO WELL and so QUICKLY!
In the length of time it usually takes me to put a decent edge on one chef’s knife, I got my whole kitchen collection nice and sharp.I was a bit concerned about the amount of metal shaving I saw, so I asked the seller about it. Very promptly they replied that is a ‘first time’ effect as their sharpener creates the shaped edge. I can confirm that on a second sharpening there were almost no additional shavings.


02: Keurig K 55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black Box model name is K 55 but product inside contains K 40 model. Serve Coffee Maker includes 4 K-Cup pods and a water filter handle + 2 water filters to help your beverages taste their best.The Classic Keurig K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker, and a perennial best-seller, the Keurig K 55 brews a rich, smooth, and delicious cup every time with the quality you expect from Keurig. Simple touch buttons make your brewing experience stress free, and multiple K-Cup pod brew sizes help to ensure you get your perfect cup. Discover hundreds of K-Cup pod varieties from all of the brands you love, including Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks, and Lipton, and enjoy coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more. Also available in a two fun colors to complement your décor, and compatible with the Keurig Classic Series My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, so you can brew your own ground coffee.Haven’t used it yet, but came in a nice, undamaged package promptly. Protective packaging inside, also included was unsweetened iced tea (3 pack) and coffee and hot cocoa (4 pack) the product itself has no scratches or esthetic issues. Tape was even folded over for easy removal from product .

03: Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper

This is good produce is good food With the Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper Food Processor, there’s no need to stop and remove the lid to dislodge food from the side of the bowl. The built-in scraper does the work for you, even while the processor is on for continuous processing.I tried several others before settling on the Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper Food Processor. I use it quite a lot and it is easy to clean, use and looks great. The scraper comes out if you don’t want to use it but it is very effective. I was surprised at how well it works so I tend to leave it in. So effectively eliminating the need to get a whole new food processor should a part get lost, break or wear out – very nice. Easy 5 stars.I do a lot of window shopping before I decide on something. My SO goes nuts because it takes me three months to decide on a kitchen knife.CHECK IT OUT

04: Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, 

Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets with Auto Shut Off FeatureThis Healthy living starts today with the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker! How do you like your eggs? Imagine being able to prepare a dozen deviled eggs in under 10 minutes! You can cook hard, medium or soft boil 6 eggs at a time, poach, scramble or make fresh customized omelettes. Perfect eggs, your way, every time. Unprocessed your food today with the recipe book that is included with purchase, and gain access to our database of thousands of recipes for free!I make a lot of eggs. I love ramen and a nice soft boiled egg just makes me swoon. I’ve tried all sorts of techniques. Boiling, baking, sous vide, pressure cooked. And I haven’t found a 100% no stuck shells, no explosions, no undercoated method yet.


05: Ninja Professional Blender (BL 610)

Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

The Ninja Professional Blender 1000 features a sleek design and outstanding performance with 1000 watts of professional power. Ninja Total Crushing blades gives you perfect ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing. professional blender jar is great for making drinks and smoothies for the whole family. All parts are B P A free and dishwasher safe.I bought this blender exactly 1 year ago and I am now writing my review on it. I never write reviews but my experience with Ninja’s customer service was so exceptional that I felt compelled to write one. the blender model number, where I purchased the blender and the approximate date of purchase.

06:Juicer Juice Extractor, Aicook 3” Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer, B PA-Free, Non-Slip Feet,

uicer Juice Extractor, Aicook 3'' Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer, BPA-Free, Non-Slip Feet, Three Speed Juicer Machine for Fruits and VegetableThis look is a good quality While leaving the pulp behind, the fruits or vegetables’ fiber — the part of plant food that your body can’t digest– is also left behind. The vitamins in fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, are absorbed better in liquid form. Your body can bypass unnecessary digestion of fiber and then more quickly and efficiently absorb nutrients.I haven’t been this in love with a gadget since I got my vitamix !! Now I wish someone would tell me how I can order extra parts for the base since I’m literally washing several times a day.. which is super easy too.


07: Betray Electric Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel Meat Mincer Sausage Stiffer, Heavy Duty Food Processing Machine with 3 Grinding 

Betitay Electric Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel Meat Mincer Sausage Stuffer, Heavy Duty Food Processing Machine with 3 Grinding Plates,Sausage Making Kit,Blade & Kubbe Attachment, Betray focus on home and kitchen electrical appliances market.We worked with many traders at United Kingdom for over ten years in home and kitchen markets. Betray meat grinder provided all featured big gears and gearbox to prevent the pressures from grinding all types meats (beef and deer) This is most one of high quality appliances in the market, the meat grinder has featured with a circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout.I used to make ground meat and sausage by myself. So meat grinder is a must-have for me. Finally I got this grinder. Then I can do my job anywhere in the kitchen. Trust me you won’t want to move a stand mixer frequently.  Amazed and great quality with easiness of cleaning just need to use hot soapy water but takes a few minutes. It is great item for everyone who need to chop the meats at home and won’t be disappointed.


08: BELLA 14538 Electric Hot Air Fryer with Removable Dishwasher Safe Basket

BELLA 14538 Electric Hot Air Fryer with Removable Dishwasher Safe Basket

This is puncture chaise is  Whatever you can deep fry you can air fry! Only it’s safer and healthier. Plus you can do more than a traditional deep fryer using oil can do. The BELLA Air Fryer is like having a convection-type oven at your finger tips. Use it to bake small cakes, loaves of artisan bread, or roast a whole chicken or other meats. French fries from frozen to crispy golden brown hot in less than 15 minutes! The BELLA Air Fryer lets you look in on food while it’s cooking, with safe-handling via its cool-touch parts. The 1500 watt Circular Heat Technology ensures quick, even cooking every time without a smelly, oily mes.They call it an “air fryer,” but it’s really a convection oven, something that’s very common in commercial kitchens.This was a big ticket item I have wanted for a while. I had never heard about an air fryer until a few months ago.


09: Nesco FD-75 A Snack master Pro Food Dehydrator, White – MADE IN USA

Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, White - MADE IN USA

Dry fruit, vegetables, and jerky in hours instead of days. The unit’s patented Converge-Flow drying system forces air down the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray, converging in the center, for fast, even, and nutritious drying.It’s top-mounted fan eliminates the worry of liquids dripping into the heater chamber, and an opaque Vita-Save exterior helps block harmful lights in order to retain more of the food’s nutrients and vitamins during the drying process.Five trays come included, but the unit can be expanded to 12 trays (additional trays sold separately) for drying larger quantities at one time.I purchased this item a year ago and I could not be happier with it, the product in question, has exceeded my highest expectations. This is the best food dehydrator I have ever owned. I feel this way for several reasons.The 1st being the fact that it can dehydrate everything from beef to apples, you will be absolutely astounded at how fast the product can complete the dehydration process. I’ve owned dehydrators that can take days to complete the drying process, this product can do what those do in hours.I hope this humble review can be useful for you. Thank you very much for the attention.

10: Presto 02970 Professional Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder, Black

Presto Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer Shredder, Black

Wow this is Slice or shred vegetables, fruits, and cheese for delicious salads, soups, tacos, pizzas, desserts, and much more.The L shaped food chamber/chute is CLEAR on this model. You can tell immediately when food has turned wrong in the top hopper, or when food is getting stuck on the outside of the cone. Hope it doesn’t get too scratchy since I’ve had that same problem with food processor bowls. The food chamber is also angled toward the rear and should make it easier to feed food from the top when you have the unit tilted forward over your bowl. The front funnel guide is also angled. The food pusher has also been redesigned.Just why does it have to be so very ugly? It also stains from certain veggies right away, in my case obviously carrots, so I wish it came in red or black instead of off white.


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